Chamber was a temporary sound sculpture, placed on the outside of the Munch museum in Tøyen, Oslo. The sound sculpture consisted of a ten-meter wide circular shape made out of polished black concrete, with inlaid glow stones.  Chamber had three layer steps ten centimetres high that would take you up to the listening platform and a wheel accessible entry path and ramp cast into the sculpture.  The listening platform had four directional speakers mounted on poles set with equal distance between each other to create a square. The directional speakers had a slim rectangular shape, and the speaker poles were embedded into the platform and painted black.  The directional speakers created four sound spaces that could fit groups of 4-6 listeners; they were connected into a pair that would play a looped soundtrack of fifteen minutes. (Two in Norwegian and two in English) The sound spaces on the listening platform played ten stories narrated in both Norwegian and English. Each story is between 3 - 5 minutes long, and the stories contained personal life stories from the woman in the area. The sound sculpture was open day and night for the public the three months (June 17th – September 17th) it was presented outside the museum. Chamber was curated by Natalie O’Donnell as part of a series of commissions called Munch on the move for the Munch Museum in Oslo, Norway.

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