Folkets Hus(2015)

Being in the World is what unites us, —what brings us together.
Folkets Hus(Peoples House) – a social sculpture, a project examining the social and political significance of the Folkets Hus in Lillestrøm, Norway, and the ways that it might live on in collective memory following its demolition in 2015.

Established in an era when workers were banned from discussing politics in public space, the Folkets Hus has served as a safe space for political discussion and social organisation for a century. Using the site as a starting point for thinking about collective memory of place— what it stood for and how its legacy might be embodied—Folkets Hus seeks to activate alternative modes of memoralisation. Throughout the project, I staged several events together with the local witnesses of the house. A reconstruction of a centennial dinner, floodlighting the building and  a seminar and several guided tours and talks.

Folkets hus  1915 - 2015                                                        Storgata 26, Lillestrøm


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