The ARCHIVE is an assembly of documentary material from Folkets Hus and Kammer (soundfiles, photographs, video, VR, 3D renderings, models, video, drawings, publications and objects). This research archive is central to Røstads presentation of her artistic result.

The ARCHIVE is open to the public by appointment only. To book a session in the archive: Book

Visiting the ARCHIVE

Once you have arrived at the ARCHIVE, there are a few things to consider to maximise your time, and to help the research process go smoothly. Let the archivist introduce you to the material, so you have an overview. After familiarising yourself with the ARCHIVE, you can better adapt your workflow to those criteria when conducting your research.

Ask for assistance: The archival staff is there to help you. If you have questions, ask them.

Connect with other researchers: The ARCHIVE is a unique and intimate place where you might find researchers that may share your topic of interest. Introduce yourself to the other researchers, you never know what future benefits can come from a greeting.

However, note that archivists will keep the researcher names and material request confidential and will not divulge such information without consent.